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The introduction to Herstwood movie is being filmed as we speak. Here’s a clip to get you hyped in the meantime.
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Ball-Zac’s Travel Blog

If you want to pay off a 30yr mortgage in 5, Hedland is the place to be.  However, be willing to hang the skatey up along anything else you enjoy to stay sane, so you can adapt to the work eat sleep routine. life style is soaked up by 12 hr shifts an sweltering Pilbara heats. The pote
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The Captain Returns

Zac Davis graced us with his presence for a few days last year. We managed to put this lil clip together in that time.
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Night Train

-full steam ahead!- Alexandra Headland Bootleg Express.. Zeik, Sam, Ash, Jimmy, Brody, Shai, Wade, Willy, Dyl, James, Leigh, & crew..
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Train station 10

-hold the train!- Sam Fullwood, Battlecat, James Briody, TOOZA! Curtis Hay, Scott Gripske, Jesse Schulkins.. music by G&H feat. Matt Hooker
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Train station 9

-stopping at all… stops- Shai, Sam, Rezy, Morgan, Toby & crew..
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